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Why You Need To Use WordPress as a Beginner

In the past, when people were starting to learn how to make websites, they could try a lot of different things. Some tried the use of the free sites in which you are hosted by someone and some found that to be a big disaster. From there, the people tried to get their hosting account and then went ahead to buy a do-it-yourself website builder. For a lot of pages, the builder was fine but a problem for the advanced ones. However, a lot of people found their breakthrough once they came across WordPress. In case you are just discovering the website world and you are interested in building a website or for making a blog, then you might just want to get to WordPress. You will appreciate that you did that. The following are the reasons.

This is a free platform at it is easy for you to get started. This is a piece of software that is free and normally very simple for you to get started. A majority of hosting companies usually provide a one-click installation and that signifies that within no time, you will begin the process of making blog posts. Additionally, there will be no requirement for you to know any HTML at the start and that helps very much when you are new. However, you should not underestimate its power just because it is easy and free.

WordPress at www.wpbeaverbuilder.comalso provides you with a chance of learning a lot. This platform allows you the opportunity of doing whatever you want to do with it. It means that you have access to all the codes and the files. With time, as you become more comfortable with it, you find yourself making advanced changes to it. In case you have a question or in the need for some ideas, then you need not look far for an answer.

One thing that you can be assured of is that you will not be hitting the wall. For a lot of the free website builders, the challenge is that you outgrow them fast. While at the moment it might not feel like it, with time, you will be surprised at the speed with which you will advance your skills making you want more from your site. With the growth of your confidence and experience, then you aim at making the website better and bigger. This means that you want to add more functions and features. For WordPress, you grow together and with time, you can transform the website into anything you want. Look for more facts about web designs at

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